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moshing's Journal

The Association Of Professional Mosh
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Hi. This is a community about moshing. I couldn't find any communities soley devoted to the mosh soi thought i'd start one. and when i say mosh, i don't mean the mosh at your local korn concert or when limp bizkit play or whatever. i mean floor punches, windmills, gorilla arm, picking up change, stage dives, high fives, headwalks, stomping, spin kicks, chariots, helecopters... and all the other shit.. obviously you may see some of these moves at a korn show if some 'core boys 'n girls go down to stomp some smelly heads.. but as a rule, we're talking about hardcore moshing here...

So, please feel free to join or whatever.

bands that bring the mosh:
hatebreed • blood for blood • throwdown • until the end • the path of resistance • earth crisis • 40 days rain • thirty seconds until armageddon • gatekeeper • canaan • liar • course of action • knuckledust • converge • cave in • figure four • a death for every sin • caliban • heaven shall burn • point of no return • maroon • jane • 18 visions • harvest • terror • the promise • buried alive • all out war • confronto • constrito • american nightmare • count me out • carry on • bird of ill omen • morning again • culture • from autumn to ashes • day of suffering • mouthpiece • hands tied • ten year fight • unbroken • chokehold • the swarm • every time i die • the mistake • left for dead • bleeding through